Becca Hits Back At Those Criticizing Her For Unfollowing Everyone

Becca Hits Back At Those Criticizing Her For Unfollowing Everyone

Every once in a while a certain celebrity, for whatever reason they come up with, goes on an unfollowing spree and clears everyone out of their list.

Usually, the celeb in question ends up with at least one person left on their list, or in the more extreme cases, they unfollow absolutely everyone.

Becca did something similar and has sparked a fan mutiny, with many people unhappy with her for unfollowing everyone.

According to some fans who registered their displeasure, following others is how you stay in touch and thus how can they fully support her when she has decided not to follow any of them.

As we reported earlier, some of the complaints included :

brightgeorges: “I Dnt get it…. y ya get 1.2 million followers and u follow only one person.. sometimes follow ur fans.. it make their day and keep them addicted to everything you do.. @therealfunnyface follows me tho.. I luv that guy die…”

henry_1star: “We miss the old Becca we know. I think most of your fans are little disappointed in you. We don’t enjoy your song like before.”

wealthyvs: “@i_am_me_naa let’s just unfollow her too. These entertainers think they are better than everyone else. Nonsense.”

productioneventsmedia: “U unfollow everyone n following ur husband alone. Y don’t u play ur song to him alone and hype it to him alone. @becafrica . I use to like u but u have change from the dove I know into a vulture I see on the gutters.”

Becca has a reply to these fans and anyone else who feels like complaining about her decision.
She wrote: “you can unfollow me if you want…life is all about choices. thank you.”

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