Don’t defend “thieves” in Mahama’s administration – Dotsei Malor

Mr Ben Dotsei Malor, a former Communications Advisor to President John Dramani Mahama, has joined the debate on how President Akufo-Addo should handle ex-government officials found to have embezzled state funds.

In a reply to a Facebook post on the subject, Mr Malor suggested the Akufo-Addo government should bring officials of the past government who embezzled state monies while in office to book.According to him, corruption in any form can be deadly, hence the need to punish culprits in the previous administration to deter government officials from going down that path.

He wrote: “Anyone who stole Ghana’s money in the NDC administration must be called to account. Money stolen from the people must be returned to the people. Corruption in any form and by anyone is deadly in the long run to our people and disastrous for our quest to achieve rapid progress.

“We must shed light on these matters and expose what is wrong so that what is right can thrive. This should serve as a deterrent to those in positions of authority today.

“We – as a society – must also desist from promoting, defending, and honouring criminals, thieves, and robbers, just because they appear to share some of their loot with manipulated minds and unprincipled goons.

“We must shift that honour to those working tirelessly to resist corruption and evil and those striving every day in countless sacrificial ways to make Ghana truly great.”

Mr Malor post was a response to an earlier post on Facebook by Kwame Gyan on Tuesday that said society must desist from defending corrupt officials since graft is suicidal.

Below is Mr Malor’s post

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