Ebony’s Funeral Cloth Unveiled

Leading Ghanaian textile giant Ghana Textile Printing (GTP) has unveiled the official funeral cloth for late Reggae and dancehall artiste Ebony.

The press conference held at the West Hills Mall, Kasoa, witnessed Management, Late Ebony’s family and representatives from GTP unveil the new cloth for the funeral.

Ebony’s cloth named after her hit songs ‘Maame Hw3’ and her maiden gospel song christened ‘Aseda’ on her Bonified album were launched.

The ‘Maame Hw3’ cloth manufactured by GTP was designed in two forms- black and red, and blue with eye symbol on it, whiles the ‘Aseda’ cloth, which will be the official Thanksgiving Service cloth after Ebony’s burial was designed in white with broom outlined on the cloth, signifying unity.

According to one Lilian, a distributor and representative for GTP, “the cloth is here to stay and it’s not only meant for the funeral”.

She went on to say that: “We designed the cloth for the love of her music, fans and also the family”.

When asked the price of the cloth, she said: “The cloth costs 15 Ghana cedis per yard”.

She said, the cloth will be made available to all GTP fabric distributors nationwide for sale to the general public.

Manager of late Ebony, Bullet assured good security at the forecourt of the State House during the burial of Ebony.

For his part, Late Ebony’s father Mr. Nana Opoku Kwarteng thanked GTP and the media for their support and confirmed March 24, 2018 as the burial of his late daughter.

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