Ekeh And Rashida ‘Are Being Controlled By The ‘Devil’, They Need Prayers – Ohemaa Mercy

Gospel singer Ohemaa Mercy says people who post their naked photos on social media are under the influence of the devil and therefore needs to be prayed for to allow Christ into their lives.

In typical Ghanaian, Christian fashion, all sense of responsibility is being thrown out and those involved are not responsible for their actions – it’s rather the devil.

That’s the best way to not solve a problem.

Speaking on Accra Fm, the famed singer said what Rashida and Christabel Ekeh are doing – posting n*de content online – is only possible because they do not have Christ in their lives and are thus under the control of the demonic realm.

“Anybody who does not have Christ lives anyhow. Persons who engage in wayward behaviours lack Christ in their lives.” she said.

“If you lack Christ, it means you are being controlled by the devil, and, so, I will urge those persons to look for Jesus. ..All those who post their n*ked pictures on social media are being controlled by something, and, so, we need to pray for such people.”

She added: “We shouldn’t insult them, let’s rather show them love. God showed us love and so let us also show them love.”

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