Enough Of The Abuse-Michy Confirms Breakup With Shatta Wale

Enough Of The Abuse-Michy Confirms Breakup With Shatta Wale

Every few months Shatta Wale and Michy go to war and paint themselves black in the media for a few days or weeks, but in the end these two sick lovebirds always come back together.

As for their motive for always creating these distractions, it’s either for attention or they are in the most dysfunctional relationship of all time.

Last night news went viral alleging that Shatta Michy had ‘robbed’ Shatta Wale, took his new Range Rover and her son Majesty and gone into hiding.

The story has gotten Michy to also come out and attempt to give her side of the story and it seems we’re right back where we started all those months ago.

Michy alleges that Wale is too arrogant as his ego blinds him and he thinks he’s always right. She also said he’s insecure and repeated her old claim that he abuses her.

If you’ll recall the last time this drama came around it was the same accusations from these two with Wale claiming Michy is violent and Michy claiming the opposite.

So whether you believe this new story or not it’s up to you but once again it looks like these two are playing up drama for attention or whatever other sick needs they have.

Check out Michy’s posts below…

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