Gospel Musicians Are Ingrates – Prophet Badu Kobi

A vast majority of gospel musicians in Ghana are ungrateful and are quick to forget the good done for them by others, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi, leader of the Glorious Wave Church International, has said.

“Most gospel singers think only about what they would gain from you today and not a relationship for the future. I can say a huge majority of Ghana’s gospel musicians are very ungrateful. They never appreciate anything.“No matter what you do for them, they keep asking for more and when all is set and done, they forget that you even helped them in anyway. They forget that they would reap what they are sowing. I urge them to change their ways,” Prophet Kobi told Kwesi Aboagye, host of Entertainment Review on Peace FM last Saturday.

Badu Kobi made the comments in support of concerns raised by popular Ghanaian gospel music producers, John Mensah Sarpong and Kwesi Ernest, that their long years of work with Ghanaian gospel singers have proved most of them are extreme ingrates.

“What I can say to Kwesi Ernest is that if you want to help musicians, make up your mind that you are doing it for God else you would regret. Africans are mostly ungrateful. Yes, a huge majority of Africans are ungrateful and that is how gospel musicians are.

“Some say it is demonic. It may be true the ungrateful nature is demonic but the truth also it that it is a personal decision to be appreciative or to be ungrateful. God has His plans of ruling but every man must decide how to live his life. If you do not decide to be ungrateful, Lucifer cannot force you. They have to change their ways,” Badu Kobi stated.

Source: Daily Guide

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