I’m Hated For Speaking Truth – Actor

Actor Prince David Osei says no one is hated more in this world than the one who speaks the truth, kind of implying that he’s one of these professional truth sayers.

Osei recently made headlines after an Instagram video in which he went in hard on Ghanaians for sharing Chritsabel Ekeh’s n*de pics and condemning her, rather calling for people to pray for her.

That comment drew mixed reactions but Osei obviously thinks he was criticised a lot for that even though he was speaking the truth.

Taking to Instagram, the actor posted a photo of himself with the caption:

No One is More Hated Than The One Who Speaks The Truth..  Acting is my Addiction  #Elohimbepraised…Take a second ponder over your life carefully,are you happy with the life you living?Never too late to switch,uttermost happiness is in God Almighty  Don’t live daily for people, trying to impress,everyone got issues including your Head Pastor,live for YOU buddy…Have a personal relationship with your Maker…shalom .”

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